What is a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031 Exchange is also known as a “tax deferred exchange.” This process enables a property seller to shift funds from the sold property to a new investment and defer the obligation to pay capital gains taxes. A 1031 Exchange can be extremely beneficial for property owners who want to build net worth and either consolidate or diversify their holdings. Deferring payment of taxes enables the property owner to improve cash flow, solve management problems, increase leverage and expand their opportunity for greater wealth appreciation.

1031 Exchange Rules

According to the Internal Revenue Service’s Code 1.1013 (k), a person owning property for investment or business purposes can sell their property and purchase like-kind replacement property or properties through the use of a Qualified Intermediary, in order to defer payment of capital gains taxes. The replacement property the exchanger expects to purchase, must be identified within 45 days, and settled within 180 days of the date of settlement of the relinquished property.


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Northern 1031 Exchange has the expertise and resources to streamline your exchange and provide the necessary security of funds. As an operating subsidiary of Northern Bank, Northern 1031 Exchange is subject to supervision and regulation by the FDIC and Massachusetts Division of Banks. We are licensed and regulated, so you can be confident your funds are safe and protected.

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With our commercial exchange services, we help structure the exchange, provide guidance on partnership division and other complicated ownership structures.



With residential real estate, we assist clients and determine the right exchange for them. Forward, reverse and improvement exchanges are all options for each client and we help them exchange for a property just right for their needs.



With vacation rentals, we provide guidance on the IRS safe harbor to ensure a clean and unquestioned exchange, ensuring our clients understand the requirements for holding and renting vacation homes.

*Northern Bank, including its subsidiary Northern 1031 Exchange, LLC does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice, nor can we make any representations or warranties regarding the tax consequences of your exchange transaction. We strongly encourage you to seek appropriate professional advice regarding your specific facts and circumstances.